What Are Some Differences Between Islam and Hinduism?

Some differences between Islam and Hinduism include the belief of different deities, different ways of worship, different laws and different origins. Islam has its roots in Arabia while Hinduism is believed to have begun in the Indian subcontinent.

One of the most notable differences between these two religions is the belief in a supreme being. While Islam proclaims Allah as the only supreme being worthy of worship, Hinduism has multiple gods and goddesses that are to be worshiped.

Another difference is that in Islam, worshipers are required to make at least one visit to the holy city of Mecca. This is to honor Allah and to enhance spiritual enlightenment. Hinduism, on the other hand, encourages worshipers to pay visits to various temples that are associated with the various gods and goddesses of the religion.

The next difference between these religions is that in Islam, people are taught that all men must die and later resurrect for judgment of those who did good and those who were evil. Hinduism does not teach about resurrection. Instead, it talks of reincarnation. People who are evil are reborn as lesser creatures while those who do good are reborn as better creatures. It is equally important to note that Islam allows for polygamy while Hinduism teaches that people should be monogamous.