What Are Some Differences Between Baby Boomers and Generation X?

What Are Some Differences Between Baby Boomers and Generation X?

Some differences between the Baby Boomers and Generation X are Gen Xers command only half the market share that Baby Boomers do as of 2015 and Generation X is very philanthropic compared to the Boomers' work-centric attitude that defines itself by its professional accomplishments. Additionally, Generation X was the first generation not faring better than the one before it.

People born between 1964 and 1981 comprise Generation X. There are about 46 million members as of 2015. Gen Xers are well-educated but underemployed and have experienced economic uncertainty, leading to low career expectations and non-traditional models of success.

In contrast, Baby Boomers have defined themselves by their workplace success and are motivated by professional prestige. Boomers tend to think of Generation X as lacking work ethic and commitment to their careers.

Gen Xers are geeks, artists and independent thinkers. YouTube, Google and Amazon.com were started by members of Generation X. Generation X saw the first of the "latch-key" kids -- children who grew up without the supervision of an adult at home. The divorce rate rose in the 1970s, resulting in both parents in the workforce and creating a generation of self-reliant, independent children.

Baby Boomers were born between 1946 and 1964. While Generation Xers may dominate the online arena, Boomers constitute a large majority of law firm partners and corporate executives.