What Is the Difference Between a Puritan and a Quaker?

difference-between-puritan-quaker Credit: Stephen Saks/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Puritans and Quakers are Christian faiths that believe in afterlife and God, although their essential religious views and worship practices vary greatly. Quakers stemmed from the Puritan movement, although their individual religious beliefs led to tension with the Puritans in England and the New World.

The Puritans and Quakers are religious groups that played crucial roles in America's colonization after they left England for America in hopes of having more religious freedom. Some similarities between the groups are that they did not agree with the Church of England's ritualistic and hierarchical practices, and both groups were congregationalists, adhering to the belief that each unique congregation should not answer to a higher authority. A fundamental difference between the two groups is that the Puritans believe the Bible promotes all religious authority, while the Quakers believe in direct communication with God.