What Is the Difference Between Parmesan and Romano Cheese?

STUDIO BOX/Photographer’s Choice RF/Getty Images

Romano cheese has a stronger, saltier taste than the milder flavor of Parmesan cheese. Although these cheeses are similar, they bring different flavors to Italian meals.

Both Parmesan and Romano are hard, grating cheeses used on salads, pizza, soups, pasta and bread. They come in dehydrated or fresh form, the latter of which gives the strongest flavor.

Romano cheese is from Rome and is white. Because of its salty taste, Romano may be most useful in soups for flavor enhancement. It is sometimes diluted with Mozzarella or Parmesan cheese for pizza or bread.

Parmesan cheese is from Parma, Italy and has a light yellow color. Its flavor is mild and nutty, which makes it a popular cheese of choice in desserts, as well as pizza, bread and salad.

Other hard cheeses include cheddar and Swiss. These can be shredded and used on Italian dishes as well.