What Is the Difference Between Normal Behavior and Abnormal Behavior?

Normal behavior is behavior that is average and not out of the ordinary, while abnormal behavior is different from the majority of society, according to Psychology Today. There is a wide range of behaviors that are normal and behaviors that are abnormal.

According to Psychology Today, there are many characteristics of normal behavior. People who behave normally are not constantly feeling one mood because their emotions change appropriately with each new situation, such as feeling angry when frustrated. They can relate to others and become committed to a person, group or cause. They feel satisfaction after completing a task but also enjoy relaxation. Most importantly, normal behavior consists of adapting to life. This means dealing with success and failure in a healthy manner and being flexible through the many challenges of life.

Psychology Today also lists characteristics of abnormal behavior. One abnormal behavior is repeating harmful actions in a pattern, such as consistently sleeping only a few hours a night. People who behave abnormally may fixate on one emotion. An example of this is experiencing a long state of depression even though there is no logical reason to feel sad. Abnormal behavior may also violate ethics, such as sexual deviancy.