What Is the Difference Between Mission and Vision?

A mission describes a group or individual’s intentions or what they strive to accomplish, while a vision describes larger goals that are anticipated to come into fruition from their efforts. These two words are commonly used together in businesses. They are used in the realization and implementation of actions needed to reach a goal.

A vision provides inspiration by stating ideals situations that will ultimately develop over time. It provides guidance and a mental picture of what progression of the mission looks like; it focuses on what is wanted on a consistent basis in order to accomplish a goal. Visions define what a person or company wants to be and what it wishes to create. A mission defines a present state or a movement of an individual or an organization. Missions answer three questions about an individual or organization: what it does, who it stands for and how it does what it does. Missions or mission statements typically cover shorter time frames than visions or vision statements. A mission often indicates purpose and answers the question "what do we do?" A vision is more about the future and answers the question "what will the overall impact of our mission be?"