What are the difference between Mexican and American culture?


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The differences between Mexican and American culture include family, religion, education, nationalism, personal sensitivity, personal appearance and status. Although Mexico and America share a continent, Mexico is a different country that speaks a different language. Mexico has a different history, which led to the development of a different culture. Mexico has a set of distinct beliefs, expectations and codes of conduct.

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Mexico and America have different views on family and personal etiquette. Mexico generally puts family as the primary priority, whereas Americans often place family second after a career. The role of the wife in Mexico is viewed in a domestic capacity, whereas wives in America fulfill a dual role. In America, religions are mixed, whereas Mexico has a predominately Roman Catholic tradition. The education system in Mexico places emphasis on a broad curriculum, and America focuses on in-depth specializations. Mexico is also a nationalistic country and America is patriotic.

Mexican culture has a history of traditions and customs. Unlike America, Mexico has difficulty separating work from personal relationships. America focuses on independent success and views sensitivity as a weakness. In Mexico, status, title and position are viewed as more important than money. In comparison to Mexican culture, American culture is viewed as cold and indifferent.

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