What Is the Difference Between a Manager and a Team Leader?

A team leader is someone who motivates and inspires employees while a manager is responsible for producing results instead of just encouraging the employees. Managers have far more actual power than team leaders. Management positions often require more advanced education than team leader roles.

People in management roles are at a higher position in an organization than those who are team leaders. While both of these positions exercise command over a group, a team leader is largely responsible for carrying out scheduling and training decisions made by a manager. Team leaders report to the same manager as those the leader is responsible for guiding.

A team leader is helpful in splitting up the tasks given to a manager. By providing more intermediaries for communication and talent oversight, managers are able to generate better outcomes for their staff members. The point of team leaders is to facilitate the success of the group by acting as carriers of information between front line employees and upper level managers.

Team leaders are often not as highly trained or educated as managers. Human resources and administrative skills are necessary when trying to attain management-level positions, while team leaders are often promoted directly from customer-service type positions.