What Is the Difference Between Man and the Supernatural?


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Supernatural beings have qualities that cannot be explained by or contained within the laws of nature while mankind, as a member of the animal kingdom, is a part of and reliant upon the natural world. The word "supernatural" is most often used to describe gods or paranormal entities.

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Human composition is known to science. Humans are a composition of elements, including oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, phosphorous and calcium. Those elements come together to form cells and organs that rely on the environment around them in order to thrive. Without food, which humans typically get from plants and animals, and an adequate supply of water, humans die.

Supernatural beings, however, possess special powers that allow them to transcend and even control nature. Gods, for instance, possess the ability to control the elements. Some gods also control the ability to control human and animal activity. Because supernatural beings are able to control the Earth and its inhabitants, they are typically viewed as being above humans. This is why supernatural beings sometimes prompt worship. Humans came to believe that if they kept the gods happy, the gods would treat them favorably in return. If they angered the gods, however, then the gods would become vengeful.

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