What Is the Difference Between a Leader and a Follower?

Some of the differences between a leader and a follower are leaders are always willing to step up in tough situations, inspire the best qualities in others, and always strive to devise progressive initiatives to inspire change. Leaders also know the importance of seeking advice in making tough decisions, while followers are generally provincial in scope.

Leaders don't shy away from challenges but embrace it. They have a resilient attitude that enables them to think of creative solutions to overcome obstacles. Leaders don't only step up in tough situations but also accept full responsibility no matter the situation that occurs. The ability to accept responsibility good or bad shows a lot about an individual's character.

Leaders also inspire good qualities in others, while followers aren't as galvanizing. Leaders are usually fearless and never back down. This never-die mindset inspires the people they are leading to strive to match their work ethic. Leaders lead by example, and people are more willing to sacrifice for them because they hold them in such high regard. Additionally, leaders always strive to think about creative methods at solving a problem at hand. Followers are never willing to take any initiative, and are constantly looking for others to others to step up. A leader knows the importance of always driving change and inspiring hope to the people they are serving.