What Is the Difference Between Economic Growth and Development?

difference-between-economic-growth-development Credit: Adam Gault/OJO Images/Getty Images

According to What Is Economics, economic development occurs when policymakers work to improve the welfare of citizens; economic growth refers to a country's increase in output of products and services. Economic growth is considered by most economists to be a subcategory of economic development.

Economic development and growth are linked to one another, states What is Economics. When a country experiences economic growth, its gross domestic product (GDP) increases. When there is income growth per capita, meaning that income grows in relation to the country's population, it is called intensive growth. Extensive growth occurs when there is an increase in territory or population. Both lead to economic growth. According to the Business Dictionary, economic growth is influenced most by technological advances and policy improvements.

The level of economic development is measured by a country's poverty rates, literacy rates, infant morbidity rates,life expectancy and overall health and safety, as defined by What is Economics. Development takes place when policymakers and communities work together toward economic betterment. Economic growth is one facet of development, but there are others, including improved social welfare, a secure political system and stable government. If a country experiences economic growth, economic development typically follows, according to What is Economics.