What Is the Difference Between Black Book Value and Kelly Blue Book Value?

Ditto/Image Source/Getty Images

Black Book and Kelley Blue Book are both used-car pricing guides; however, the Black Book is a dealer driven book while Kelley Blue Book is a consumer driven book, according to CarsDirect. KBB is used more frequently and has been around since 1918, while the Black Book started in 1955.

Black Book’s pricing deals with wholesale values and the most up-to-date car sales and is usually considered to be more accurate than Kelley Blue Book, according to CarsDirect. However, Kelley Blue Book has the most user-friendly online used-car price search engine available and it takes only a few minutes to look up values. Typically, consumers use Kelley Blue Book while dealers tend to use the Black Book. Kelley Blue Book does not guarantee its price valuations.