What Is the Difference Between Baptist and Pentecostal?

Baptists and Pentecostals differ in the way they worship, in their beliefs about salvation and in the way they interpret gifts from God. They are both founded upon the beliefs of Christianity even with their differences.

Pentecostals are more vocal in the way in which they worship. Their worship services commonly feature individuals moved by the Holy Spirit to praise out loud the blessings they feel they have received from God.

The worship services of Pentecostals are very free-form. Musical instruments such as guitars and drums are commonly incorporated into services. Emotional testimonials about the difference God has made in individual lives are part of the worship. Baptists are more reserved in the way in which they worship.

Pentecostals also believe that salvation is conditional. They have a belief that those accepting salvation can backslide if they don’t abide by specific teachings of the Holy Bible. Baptist believers, however, subscribe to the notion that individuals retain their salvation once they are “saved.”

The supernatural gifts of speaking in tongues and healing are also more commonly accepted among Pentecostals. Baptists also subscribe to beliefs in healing but are not as vocal in their worship and requests for this anointing. Laying hands on those who may be afflicted with a variety of ailments is not uncommon in Pentecostal worship meetings.