What Did the Sioux Indians Use As Transportation?

The Sioux Indians traveled primarily on horses after they were introduced by the Spanish in the 1500s. They often used a type of horse-drawn sled called travois.

Before horses were introduced to the Sioux, they often traveled over land using sleds called travois that were pulled by dogs. The introduction of horses was a huge advancement for the Sioux because it allowed them to more easily follow the buffalo herds that they relied on for food and other resources, such as hides and bone. The Sioux also sometimes traveled in canoes. However, they traveled over land more often, chasing buffalo herds. Present-day Sioux use modern forms of transportation, although horse riding is still an important and popular piece of their culture and society.

The Sioux were a nomadic tribe, ranging across a wide swath of North America. They were primarily located in what is now called Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota and Minnesota. The various tribes never stayed in one place for very long, though, and could be found as far as Iowa, Nebraska, Montana, Illinois and southern parts of Canada. Long lasting, violent conflicts over land and territory between the Sioux and European intruders eventually pushed the Sioux into living on reservations and forgoing their nomadic lifestyle.