How Did Saint Rose of Lima Became a Saint?

Saint Rose of Lima was given sainthood because of her love for Jesus and her many daily penitences, as well as the deep veneration the Lima people had for her. Saint Rose of Lima was beautified in 1667 by Clement IX, and canonized in 1671 by Clement X. She was the first person born in the Americas to be canonized.

Saint Rose of Lima is the patron saint of Latin American and the Philippines. She was born in 1586, and died in 1617. Her feast day for the Catholic Church is on August 23rd. Her real name at birth was Isabel, but she was said to be so beautiful that she was nicknamed Rose as a baby and the name stayed with her. However, Rose did not want to be admired for her beauty and rejected all her suitors. When her mother put a wreath of flowers on her in order to showcase her beauty, Rose put a long pin into the wreath, which pierced her and made it difficult to remove the wreath afterward.

She also would rub her face with pepper until it blistered so that her beauty would not serve as a temptation for anyone. She refused to marry because she was dedicated to God, and wanted to be with Him only. She lived most of her life as a recluse, but was still aware of the people's suffering and often protested with them and for them. After her death, there were many miracles for which she is said to be responsible.