What Did Robert Boyle Do?

Robert Boyle was most notably famous for his work in chemistry concerning the elemental nature of matter, as well as the relationship between the absolute pressure and volume of gas, which became known as Boyle's Law. Robert Boyle was also well known as a philosopher, inventor, physicist, and theologian.

Boyle's work showed that sound doesn't travel through a vacuum. His work also proved that flames require air in order to burn, and that animals require air to live. He argued that matter consists of atoms, which are in turn built of primary particles, able to move freely in liquid and less freely in solids. Boyle's work also suggested that the world at large could be explained with simple mathematical formulas.

Boyle spent large sums of money in order to spread Christianity in the east. He personally financed the reprinting of the Christian Bible in Irish, believing that the Bible should be available in vernacular language, rather than only in Latin. Despite his Christian beliefs, he also pioneered evolution in a small way, as he believed that all humans developed from a single source despite differences in ethnicity. His views were often rejected in the scientific community at large and regarded as amusing or disturbing.