Where Did the Pomo Indians Live?

did-pomo-indians-live Credit: Mike Behnken/CC-BY 2.0

The Pomo Indians lived in northern California. The Pomo consisted of groups that numbered in the hundreds, and they remained in a single location for long periods.

Pomo territory was closed in by the Pacific Coast. There were times when the Pomo Indians had a nomadic lifestyle, settling on lands that were adaptable. The Northeastern Pomo were separated from the rest of the Pomo people by regions that were inhabited by the Wintuan and Yuki people. The Pomo were not unified as a single group, and they lived in small groups called bands. Pomo bands became connected through marriage, geography or lineage.

The Pomo were hunters and gatherers. The women were primarily gatherers, while the men fished and hunted. They ate foods such as salmon, acorns, gnats, greens, mushrooms, squirrels, rabbits and rats.