What Did the Miami Tribe of Native American People Live In?

did-miami-tribe-native-american-people-live Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Miami tribe, originally centered in Wisconsin, Ohio and Illinois, lived in wigwam-style oval homes made of woven reeds. One structure in each village, a council house, was of a more permanent wooden construction.

Called a wiikiaami in the Miami language, a wigwam was constructed of reed mats placed over a sapling frame. The saplings were set into holes placed about a foot apart in an oval, then bent to meet along a central line, and more saplings were woven along the sides to make a skeletal structure. Over this, woven reed mats were arranged in a shingle-like pattern so they did not leak in the rain. Temporary hunting wigwams were often very small, round and tent-like, but larger village wigwams were often large enough to accommodate 20 or more residents.