What Did Men Wear in Ancient Egypt?

did-men-wear-ancient-egypt Credit: De Agostini / S. Vannini/De Agostini Picture Library/Getty Images

In the ancient Egypt, men wore tunics made of linen that resembled long T-shirts reaching to the knees. However, men who worked outside had a different attire. Instead of the tunics, they wore short skirts that were made by winding the linen cloth around the legs and waist.

This light clothing made of linen was favored because of the hot climate of Egypt. The summer seasons were hot and the winter seasons were mild. In Roman times, cotton was occasionally used to make clothing, and it was imported from India.

Animal skins, especially leopard skins, were common among the priests and the pharaohs because of their role in the community. Sometimes, queens and kings were allowed to wear decorative ceremonial clothing that were decorated with feathers.

The most important material for manufacturing clothes was linen, which was produced in varying quality levels from flax. The level of quality depended on the social class; the peasant Egyptian wore the lowest level, while those who were meant to be buried in pyramids or mastabas would settle for nothing less than the highest quality, which was the finest woven linen. The role of manufacturing clothes was done by women in their homes, although there were some workshops that were run by rich men.