How Did Joel Osteen Ministries Get Started?


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Joel Osteen Ministries started when Joel's father, John Osteen, passed away in 1999. John Osteen was a respected minister who founded Lakewood Church. When John Osteen died of a sudden heart attack, Joel stepped up and begin preaching two weeks later, marking the beginning of Joel Osteen Ministries.

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Joel Osteen Ministries is a Christian ministry whose mission is to show people around the world unconditional love through a relationship with Jesus Christ. The ministry uses technology to reach millions each week through television shows, podcasts, and recorded sermons on the Internet. The televised ministry claims to reach over 100 million viewers in the United States annually, and an additional 10 million in countries around the world. Podcasts from the ministry reach over 1 million listeners each week. Osteen also publishes a series of books.

Joel Osteen Ministries not only reaches individuals through preaching the gospel, it also extends a helping hand to those in need. The ministry provides clothing, food, medical supplies and other personal care items to those in need. It also offers vaccination clinics, outreach centers for troubled teens and secure facilities for abandoned babies. These services are offered worldwide and are given with the message of hope through the Christian life.

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