Did Jesus Have Long Hair?

Many Jewish men, specifically in the time of Jesus, wore short hair, which contradicts the popular belief rendered by artists throughout history that Jesus had long hair. However, without any biblical descriptions of Jesus, only through the study of the time period and Jewish religion can a guess be made.

In I Corinthians 11:3-16, the apostle Paul says that long hair is demeaning to and unnatural for a man to wear considering man was made from the image of God, who is groomed with short hair. Because there are no hard and fast descriptions on the appearance of Jesus Christ found throughout the Bible, this bible quote would seem the sole and most accurate source of information on the appearance of Jesus.

There is a discrepancy with this train of thought, however, especially if one asks what the definition of long hair entails. Archaeological materials such as carvings and Egyptian tomb paintings indicate that many Jews possessed beards and what is now considered to be long hair, while women wore their hair as long as down to the waist. With this knowledge, it could be interpreted that Paul was telling Corinthian men that wearing their hair down to their waist would be unnatural. Considering the hair styles of men today as opposed to the length of men in the first century, Paul's letter could be misread, and the popular image of Jesus could be a work of truth rather than fiction as many outlets debate.