Why Did Hinduism Start?


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No one knows exactly why Hinduism started or even how it began. Traditionally, the belief was that the foundations for Hinduism were laid by the Aryans when they moved into the region of modern India in about 1500 B.C. They worshipped a god called Indra; some dispute this assertion, however, and claim that Hinduism has existed for all time and does not have a beginning or end.

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Why Did Hinduism Start?
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Although Hinduism is referred to as a religion, it is more of a collective of core beliefs and values. In India, Hindu is called sanatama dharma, which means "eternal religion," while the word Hindu itself means river.

The practices of Hindu have been established throughout the years by many texts, some penned by unknown authors. Some of the texts have never been translated, so it is possible that they may provide some insight into the history of Hinduism.

The existence of Aryans in India is largely in question by modern scholars. Evidence of these purported founders of Hinduism is slim, as archaeologists cannot find evidence of one of their main methods of transport, chariots, in India. Because many followers of Hinduism believe the religion has Aryan roots, this lack of evidence deepens the mystery.

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