What Did God Create on the Sixth Day?

On the sixth day, God created the morning, the night, humans and creatures. God only created the morning and the night after he had created everything else.

On the first day of creation, God created the Earth along with the heavens. This included everything beyond the Earth, including outer space. He created the sky on the second day. The sky was different than the heavens in that it was the barrier between the heavens and the Earth. This was the atmosphere. The land and the plants that occupied the land were created on the third day. This land was created by raising the Earth up from the seas, which were originally created when the earth was formed.

During the fourth day of creation, God created the heavenly bodies. The heavenly bodies referred to the stars that were in the sky. The sun was created on this day. God created the birds of the sky and the fish of the sea on the fifth day. Creatures of the land and humans were created during the sixth and final day of creation. After God had created everything, He recognized that it was good. God rested in the satisfaction of his work on the seventh day.