Did Gerald Crabb Get Divorced?

Gerald Crabb married his first wife when he was age 18 and divorced her at age 24. He then met Kathy, who was also divorced, and the two married. However, Gerald divorced Kathy at a later date and married his third wife, Debi Jackson.

Gerald’s official website states that Gerald and Debi reside in Ripley, Mississippi. In 2015, Christian Voice Magazine named Gerald its “favorite songwriter.” Gerald Crabb is the original founder of the Crabb Family and is a Christian singer, songwriter, producer and publisher. Gerald has written more than 450 songs as of 2015, and 20 of these songs have been in the national number one spot. He has made multiple appearances at various venues, including the 700 Club, CMT, GAC, the INSP, TBN, The Grand Ole Opry, Carnegie Hall, Red Rocks Colorado and the Ryman Auditorium.