Where Did the First Gypsies Come From?

alex grabchilev / evgeniya bakanova/Moment/Getty Images

DNA evidence indicates that the first gypsies, also known as the Romany people, came from northern India. Gypsies belong to the Roma tribe, and they claim that they were once a warrior class from Punjab.

The Romany worshiped the Indian goddess Kali. They have maintained their own language, Romany, which is rooted in Sanskrit, throughout the centuries.

Various invasions caused the Romany to flee to different parts of Europe and Asia, including Turkey, Russia, Greece, Spain, Egypt, Morocco and Persia. They were referred to as gypsies because many believed they hailed from Egypt before coming to Europe.

The Romany were viewed with suspicion by the dominant cultures of the world due to their ties to occultism, but they made vast contributions to European and Asian cultures of music, dance and mythology.