Why Did EWTN Suspend Father John Corapi?


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EWTN suspended Father John Corapi in March 2011 after his religious order placed him on administrative leave while investigating allegations of misconduct. Corapi, who had hosted shows on the network for several years, resigned from the priesthood later the same year and did not return to EWTN.

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Catholic TV network EWTN suspended Corapi because his administrative leave from his order, the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, relieved him of his public duties as a priest. EWTN explained in a press release that, following Catholic doctrine, it could not continue to air programming that featured a suspended priest.

In June 2011, Corapi resigned from the priesthood and broke his ties with EWTN. He did not give a specific reason for his resignation, but his order accused him of drug and alcohol abuse and violations of his vow of poverty. Corapi reportedly owned several cars, boats and other vehicles as well as real estate. The order also claimed Corapi was guilty of sexual misconduct. At the same time, the order alleged, Corapi filed a suit against the party primarily responsible for these accusations and then offered her money to drop her claims. In response, Corapi left the order and EWTN and founded a venture called Black Sheep Dog.

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