Why Did the Egyptians Wear Jewelry?

did-egyptians-wear-jewelry Credit: mararie/CC-BY-SA 2.0

According to HistoryOnTheNet, the Egyptians often wore jewelry to show social status and wealth, but they mainly wore jewelry for religious purposes. They also wore jewelry as a fashion statement. Rich Egyptians were not the only people to wear jewels, as Egyptians of every social class, excluding slaves, had some form of jewelry.

According to St. Petersburg Times, many Egyptians believed wearing jewels was essential to ward off evil spirits. The scarab symbol, sacred because it was thought to represent rebirth, adorned many amulets worn by the living, and it was placed on the bodies of the dead. Jewels were placed in tombs for reincarnation purposes. The Pharaoh was the only person who could have his navel pierced, and anyone else with this piercing could be punished by death.

Wealthy Egyptians wore very heavy and ornate pieces of jewelry. Jewels were often made of silver or gold, and gems and turquoise were very popular. Belts of gold were made with hanging strips of jewels, and wealthy Egyptians also wore golden vests. Lower-class Egyptians who could not afford gold or precious gems wore beaded jewelry or copper bracelets and belts. Small children under six years of age did not wear clothing in ancient-Egyptian culture, but they did wear jewelry.