What Did Edgar Cayce Predict About New York?


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Edgar Cayce predicted that New York City would disappear and that the east coast of the state of New York would also fall off and disappear. Cayce predicted that this would happen in 1998 as a result of major geographic upheaval. He also predicted that most of Japan would be lost to the sea and cataclysmic changes would take place in Northern Europe at the same time.

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These predictions had much to do with Cayce's belief that the people of Atlantis concealed the true history of humans as well as the fall of their own civilization beneath the Sphinx. He predicted that the Sphinx would become unburied and these records would be found.

Despite the 1998 predictions not coming to pass, Cayce did accurately predict the fall of Wall Street before the Great Depression and both World Wars. He also predicted the death of Franklin Roosevelt while in office and then the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Another prediction with no date attached is a third World War concerning countries in the Middle East.

Born on March 18, 1877, in Kentucky, Cayce became known as the "Sleeping Prophet." He claimed to learn his school material by sleeping on his textbooks. He also spoke to various imaginary friends, whom he said were spirits from the other side.

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