How Did Dr. Gene Scott Treat Women Throughout His Ministry?

Dr. Gene Scott, a charismatic televangelist who died in 2005 at the age of 75 was famous for surrounding himself with beautiful dancing women during his broadcasts. He also showed clips of curvaceous women in tight sweaters on horseback during breaks on his television program. These women were called his "pony girls."

Dr. Scott, a pastor at the Los Angeles University Cathedral, believed women could hold positions of authority in the church, as he ordained his wife Melissa Scott who later took over the ministry upon his death from prostate cancer. He had no public opinion on women's issues such as abortion and left it to his followers to make their own decisions in these matters.

In addition to his famous pony girls and other sexually suggestive imagery during his television broadcasts, Dr. Scott enjoyed surrounding himself with beautiful women whenever he appeared in public. Dr. Scott also believed that women should not wear pants, though it is unclear if that belief was based on biblical teachings or that he simply believed dresses or skirts were more attractive.

Dr. Scott's teachings are still available on his former wife and successor's website, The site claims to provide the only 24/7 global access to the church's teachings.