How Did Confucius Change China?

Confucius changed China by spreading teachings that became the official state philosophy, which changed many aspects of Chinese culture, including school teachings, etiquette, attitudes and government. Confucius was born during a time when the established social behavior and norms were not respected, and Confucius helped to change that.

Confucius taught that people should respect their rulers. He also taught that the ideal man would have strong morals and good character. His teachings changed how the government was structured. Previously, government officials had to have been born into a royal family. Confucius taught that the ideal gentleman would be educated and of good character and would have noble intentions. These teachings influenced the government to accept gentlemen scholars as court officials. This meant that even poor people had the potential to become high-ranking officials.

Confucius’ teachings were so well-respected that they were exported to neighboring countries. Although people have worshipped Confucius over the years, Confucianism is not a religion. It is a set of theories, philosophies and ideals. In spite of the fact that Confucius never taught about gods or religions, there have been temples built in his honor. Confucius never wrote down his teachings. They were recorded by his loyal disciples and spread throughout the nation.