What Did the Chumash Indians Eat?

did-chumash-indians-eat Credit: USFS Region 5/CC-BY 2.0

Chumash Indians fished and got much of their food from the sea. Also, they hunted and gathered to find food.

Seaweed and Chia sage were quite popular options for the Chumash Indians to eat. Another of their more popular vegetarian options was the oak acorn. In order to remove the bitterness, the Chumash Indians dried, ground and leached the acorns. Then, mush and soup was made out of this mixture for the people to eat every day. The average member of the tribe was said to have eaten 300 pounds of acorns per year. Seafood such as clams and abalone were a common delicacy. The Indians hunted for animals such as bears and deer, and also ate birds, including quails and ducks.