How Did Christianity Come to the Caribbean?

did-christianity-come-caribbean Credit: Luis Davilla/Photolibrary/Getty Images

Roman Catholicism was the first form of Christianity to be introduced in the Caribbean, according to Cape Sociology, arriving as early as 1493 with the Spanish conquistadores who explored and settled Caribbean islands. Protestantism came later, in the early 1620s, when British explorers arrived in the region.

Aside from Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and Rastafarianism have been influential. Syncretic religion, which is religion that combines the beliefs of several distinct religions, is common in the Caribbean, due to the religious and ethnic diversity in the region. African populations were discouraged from retaining their traditional religious practices and beliefs, leading to the combination of African spirituality with Christianity. Some of the best known syncretic religions are Vodun, Shango and Kumina.