How Did Christianity Begin?


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Christianity began in Israel and was largely based on the life, teachings and beliefs of Jesus Christ, who was a Jewish prophet believed to have been the prophesied messiah. Jesus was born in Bethlehem to a woman called Mary who was still a virgin at that time.

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Jesus grew up in Israel under the care of his earthly parents called Mary and Joseph and was taught in the ways of Judaism. However, when he reached the age of 30, he began his own ministry which ushered in Christianity. He taught that human beings could only enter the kingdom of God if they accepted him as the son of God and repented from their evil deeds.

Jesus was a humble teacher respected and feared by many including those who were in authority. His teachings were largely based on love and fear of God. He gathered a group of 12 people whom he named the disciples and took with him through the various journeys of the ministry.

Jesus was crucified 3 years after starting his ministry but is believed to have risen from the dead on the third day. After his resurrection, he ascended to heaven leaving his disciples in charge of spreading the good news.

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