What Did "Back to the Future Part II" Get Wrong About 2015?


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Some of the mistaken predictions for 2015 made by 1989's "Back to the Future Part II" include flying cars, hover boards, automated robotic gas stations and technological fashions, such as self-lacing sneakers and self-drying jackets. The movie also featured thumbprint scanners as a means of unlocking doors and automated dog leashes to save owners the exercise.

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What Did "Back to the Future Part II" Get Wrong About 2015?
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For all that "Back to the Future Part II" overestimated the technological advances that could be made during the 26 years following its release, it also made a number of underestimations. For example, whereas characters in the movie widely use fax machines to communicate written messages, this technology was largely displaced by email by the real year 2015.

Besides technology, the movie was also wrong about certain aspects of the culture and society of 2015. For instance, it subtly hinted in a background news item that Princess Diana would become the Queen of Great Britain. Neither have bizarre street fashions, such as leotards with attached swimming caps, become as ubiquitous as they were depicted in the film.

Some things, however, may not be as far-fetched as they appear. The three-dimensional advertisement for "Jaws 19," which Marty McFly cowers in fear of, was expected in early 2015 to become a reality by the following year. The real technology, which uses lasers and mirrors to create an illusion of three dimensions, was invented by TriLite Technologies in Austria and the Vienna University of Technology.

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