What Did the Aztecs Drink?

did-aztecs-drink Credit: Getty Images North America/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

In Aztec culture, a chocolate beverage made through the combination of cacao and ground maize was a ceremonial drink that was reserved for only warriors and nobility. This chocolate drink was high in caffeine and was said to provide stamina. Another drink that was exclusive to the Aztec nobility is octil, an alcoholic drink which was produced using the sap of the maguey plant.

Chocolate in Aztec culture was available in multiple flavors and different recipes. Chocolate flavorings that have been recorded included white chocolate, black chocolate, honeyed chocolate and others. In Aztec culture, chocolate was traditionally drunk cool, in sharp contrast to the Mayans who drank their chocolate hot.

Octil was boiled until it was as thick as honey, although sometimes it was watered down. If an Aztec nobleman became drunk on octil, he was killed.

The main staple in the Aztec diet was maize, a type of corn. The Aztec diet also included tomatoes, tortillas, avocados and a type of porridge called atole. Maize was sometimes steamed and made into tamales that were then stuffed with meat or vegetables. Aztec markets were stocked with fruits and vegetables as well as meat made from dogs and birds.

Aztecs typically ate two meals in a day; the main meal was held at noon, when the day was hottest. Aside dog and bird meat, the Aztecs also ate water-based animals such as turtles and fish.