What Are Some Devotions on Being Thankful?


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Some devotions about being thankful are "Cultivating a Spirit of Thankfulness" by Dianne Neal Matthews and "The School of Thankfulness" by James MacDonald. Another devotion that talks about the power of gratitude is "Thankfulness Changes Lives" by Karen Ehman.

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In "Cultivating a Spirit of Thankfulness," Matthews writes that thankfulness is good for physical health. The devotion tells the story of Jesus healing 10 men with leprosy. Jesus sends the men to the priest, and as the men walk toward the priest, their leprosy heals. Only one man returns to thank Jesus for the miracle.

Next, the devotion talks about the Bible's commands to practice thankfulness. It says that thankfulness promotes healthy relationships, supports the Christian faith and honors God. The devotion closes with a prayer offering thanks to God and a request that the reader might honor God in the future.

"The School of Thankfulness" begins with a quote from the book of Psalms that instructs readers to give thanks to God because God's love is steadfast and eternal. The devotion says that a person should spend her life thinking of new ways to thank God. Although God rules over the entire universe, God loves each person in a way that no one else can love. God is in control no matter how bleak the situation, the devotion says.

"Thankfulness Changes Lives" talks about sorting through a box of old memories. The author talks about finding a special dress that her daughter wore at her baby dedication. The dress reminds her of her mother.

As she sorts through the memories, each item reminds the author of a friend or family member, and she expresses thanks for each person. The devotion says that practicing gratitude makes a person content. In closing, the devotion encourages readers to express thankfulness to others.

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