How Do You Develop Telekinesis?


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Telekinesis cannot be developed; there is currently no scientific evidence to even prove its existence. Telekinesis is reported to be an ability to move objects simply through mind power with no physical assistance; there are no reliably recorded or observed instances of this happening.

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Those who believe telekinesis is real often claim humans use only 10 percent of their brainpower, and hence have unrealised potential within the other 90 percent, including latent psychic abilities. Researchers using PET scans have found that humans use practically all of their brains, even if not at a single moment, so the chances of any untapped area of the brain that could cause telekinetic abilities existing is very slim.

Reports of telekinesis became popular during the 1800s as part of the Spiritualism religious movement. This movement feature alleged psychic mediums, who could move tables or push objects as well as communicating the dead spirits who existed in another plane. These incidents were all proven to be hoaxes. The use of wires and hidden accomplices were common ways the frauds were perpetuated.

The most famous person who claimed to use telekinesis is Uri Geller, who gave performances in the 1970s where he bent spoons and made broken watches work again. Researchers looking into his claims found that many of his feats could be duplicated by magicians, although he claimed he used no magic in his feats.

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