How Do You Develop Psychic Abilities?


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Despite proof that psychic abilities exist, there are several suggested ways for developing them. One exercise involves two strangers standing 4 to 6 feet apart with their eyes closed and visualizing each other as balls of light. They search for thoughts, colors, words or sensations that are conjured while "scanning."

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Another suggested method is writing three predictions for the next day and visualizing activities and plans. Attention should be paid to images, thoughts, words, sensations, smells or moods that occur during the prediction process. It is important to remain completely relaxed and comfortable, with feet planted on the floor.

Another exercise for allegedly developing psychic abilities is to search for or extra sensory perception online tests. These tests are supposed to enhance psychic abilities through practice. It is also essential to acknowledge these abilities and believe in them. With experience, most psychics claim that they are able to determine which events may occur.

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