How Do You Determine the Worth of Spode China?

Collector’s guides, pattern books and the Spode Museum Trust are possible resources to help determine the value of Spode china. In addition, you can contact a local reputable auctioneer, a pottery expert or a company such as China Finders to get a general sense of the value.

Identifying the pattern and pottery marks helps to establish the value range of a Spode piece or set. From around 1800, most of the patterns painted by Spode artists were collected in pattern books. The Spode Museum Trust website and are helpful starting points to use in identifying patterns and marks.

Once you identify the pattern and any pottery marks, check price guides such as or Printed price guides and other price tables are mostly helpful for reference, since they show purchase and sale prices for similar pieces. China Finders and locate and sell replacement china and may provide a price range for some Spode pieces.

If possible, get an appraisal. Consult a local museum to inquire if it has a pottery expert, ask a reputable auctioneer, or check with the faculty at a local university. The American Society of Appraisers, which maintains a website at, verifies appraisers in certain specialties.

Determining the worth of a piece of Spode china is not an exact process. To help determine value, examine the condition of the piece. Chips, cracks, mistakes in glazing and other damage decrease the potential value.