How Do You Determine the Value of Avon Beer Steins?

Determine the value of an Avon beer stein by looking at listings for similar items on auction sites such as, as well as on collectibles sites such as and Websites selling crafts and handmade goods, such as, are also useful for judging current Avon stein prices.

Avon first began producing collectible beer steins in 1976, which means that steins from that year or close to that year typically have a higher worth than more recent steins. While age is one of the most important factors to consider when determining the value of a beer stein, you also need to think about its condition. Even if you have an original-run Avon beer stein, it’s value significantly decreases if it has numerous scratches, chips or cracks. Even slight signs of wear have the potential to drastically lower the price.

If you are tying to determine the price of a specific beer stein, look on auction sties for listings that contain that exact stein. The eBay auction site, in particular, has a tool that allows you to look at past sales as well as current sales. It is useful to look at older sales, because it shows you what people have actually paid for the steins, as opposed to a suggested price.