How Do You Determine the Meaning of Dreams for Free?


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There are a few ways to attempt dream interpretation for free, such as visiting a site that offers interpretations of various symbols found in dreams, or you can investigate the psychology behind dreams for a more scientific method. Dream Moods offers a free online dictionary that defines what dreaming about certain objects can mean. For example, a dream about losing teeth may relate to vanity, trouble with communication or a feeling of powerlessness.

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There are several psychological theories that pertain to dreams. One neurobiological theory known as the “activation-synthesis hypothesis” suggests that dreams have no meaning, and they are caused by electrical brain impulses that incorporate random imagery or thoughts from one's memory. Newer studies suggest that dreaming does have a purpose, one such theory points to its evolutionary benefits, while another newer study links dreams and emotions together. Dreams may help connect experiences with emotions and memories to neutralize a particular emotion that could cause stress in daily life.

However, considering there is no concrete data to confirm or deny the value of dream interpretation, sites such as the one provided by Dream Forth, still aim to provide interpretations. Dream Forth offers a dictionary that can be searched using keywords on its website. For example, a dream about a snake might imply that the dreamer is afraid or anxious about something.

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