How Do You Determine What Great People Are Similar to Yourself?


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To determine which famous or inspiring person may be similar to you, take a personality test such as the Meyers-Briggs. MyPersonality.info and 16Personalities.com categorize the personality types of famous people, such as presidents, actresses and writers, using the Myers-Briggs personality types.

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The Meyers-Briggs personality assessment, named for its creators, designates sixteen different categories using different combinations of four primary scales. First, the assessment measures introversion (I) versus extroversion (E). The second category is sensing (S) versus intuitive (N), which relates to whether a person is a more concrete or abstract thinker. Thirdly, the test measures how strongly a person uses feelings (F) versus rational thinking (T) to make decisions.

The final category is based on how quickly a person makes decisions and how he feels about committing to a decision. A "judging" type (J) makes decisions quickly and feels better when a decision has been made. A "perceiving" type (P) likes to keep his options open and feels anxious once a decision feels final.

The four letters create a personality profile, such as ENTJ or ISFP. Descriptive keywords are associated with each of the sixteen possible combinations. Examples of "Overseers" with the type ESTJ include John D. Rockefeller, Billy Graham and Lyndon B. Johnson. INFP types are "Dreamers," with people such as William Shakespeare, Fred Rogers and John F. Kennedy fitting the profile.

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