How Do I Determine Which Fram Oil Filter Is Right for My Car?

ollo/E+/Getty Images

To determine which Fram oil filter to use, consider the car’s maintenance schedule, driving and weather conditions, type of oil used, age, and mileage, states Fram. For example, Fram’s Extra Guard oil filter is designed for cars that have oil changes every 3,000 to 5,000 miles and use conventional oil.

The Extra Guard filter is made from a blend of cellulose and glass media, Fram states. Its average filtration efficiency is 95 percent.

A Tough Guard filter is intended for cars that undergo oil changes, either conventional or synthetic, every 6,000 to 10,000 miles, Fram explains. This filter is also useful for extreme weather conditions, stop-and-go driving and towing. It is composed of a blend of cellulose and synthetic fibers that traps dirt and lets the filter last longer.

The Ultra Synthetic filter, manufactured to last 15,000 miles, is exclusively for cars using synthetic oil, describes Fram. The age of the vehicle does not matter. The filter is made from a double layer of synthetic media. On the other hand, High Mileage filters are for older vehicles with mileage over 75,000. They contain time-released additives to help increase the life of these cars by maintaining oil viscosity, limiting corrosion, neutralizing acids and keeping the engine cleaner.