How Do You Design a Women’s Day Program for a Church?

Design a woman’s day program for church that complements the chosen theme, whether that is a certain aspect of a Christian woman’s duties or a celebration of women in general. Include a list of people who contributed to make the day possible, and present a full schedule of what guests can expect.

  1. Use a design that complements the theme

    Choose a design for the program that highlights the theme of the day, such as mothers, wives or other celebrations of being a woman. If possible, use the same software, clipart and other graphics your church uses to create its newsletter, or find general Christian images to make the program visually appealing.

  2. Include a list of people who contributed

    In the program, include a list of people who contributed to make the day possible. This could be women who have prepared talks to share, decorated, and cooked or baked special dishes. It can also recognize volunteers who help set up or clean up after the event.

  3. Include the full schedule

    List the times of all of activities for the day, including when it starts, when speakers are to share their speeches or insights, and when food or beverages are served. This provides needed information for women who may not be able to attend all the activities.