How Do I Describe the Typical American?

Although America is known for its variety of cultures and customs, the typical American citizen is usually a working class, culturally accepting and liberal individual. The United States is so varied in its geography, nationalities and cultural traditions that it is not possible to accurately define what a typical American is like. American society is multicultural and founded on tolerance and mutual respect.

The quality of life for Americans can be correlated to the state of the economy; according to the 2013 census, the average American household income is $50,700.00, which is reflected in employment rates and overall living conditions. Other factors that influence the standard of living of the American populous are education and childbearing, according to the Pew Research Center. The recession has influenced many people to go back to school, earning associate or bachelor’s degrees, according to the New York Times. Such credentials have helped increase the standard of living, yet there is no assurance against loss of income.

Some Americans may have strong democratic political beliefs that support the Constitution-based federal republic, while others may have different political beliefs. Religion will also vary from person to person, as freedom of religion is one of the main ethics that America was founded upon; as a result, there are a lot of different religions represented among citizens. The typical American citizen usually has accepting and diverse views on apparel, sexual preference and dating, according to Saint Louis University.