How Do You Describe the Behavior of a Scorpio When in Love?


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Scorpios are driven by their emotions and are considered the most emotional sign of the zodiac, including in love relationships. Because of their deep nature, they tend to be lovers who are profoundly invested in their relationships. Their emotions in relationships are deeply rooted due to their fixed water sign. The love they feel for their partner is felt very deeply, and they are very intense in showing their love for their partners.

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Scorpios are committed to their partners and are very loyal and protective of them. Their passionate nature is their drive, and they want to feel their emotions and feelings for their partner to their core. Often, Scorpios are driven to write about their love and are often defined as poetic and sentimental by nature because of this.

Scorpios are naturally mysterious, but a Scorpio unfolds their mysteriousness to their partner when they are in love. Also, when a Scorpio is intimately involved with his lover, their physical relationship is highly intense and passionate.

Conversely, Scorpios feel disloyalty as deeply as they feel love; therefore, betrayal is felt to their core. Once a Scorpio feels jaded or jealous, they react emotionally with a vengeance. In relationships, then, Scorpios look for lovers who reciprocate their loyalty, passion, commitment and devotion.

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