How Do You Find a Dermatologist Specializing in Black Skin Care?

Search for a dermatologist who specializes in treating black skin by visiting, clicking on Advanced Search under Find a Dermatologist, and selecting the Skin of Color option in the drop-down menu labeled Speciality, as of 2015. Fill in any other relevant search criteria, such as city, state, U.S. postal code or mile radius, and click the Search button to load a list of providers who meet your criteria, instructs the American Academy of Dermatology website.

Specializing in the treatment of black skin is an emerging field of medicine, so patients may have some difficulty locating a dermatologist in their area, reports Dr. Carlos Charles in a 2015 Fashionista article. Dr. Charles explains that he and other dermatologists are beginning to get involved in this specialty area because certain dermatological concerns are more prevalent in black patients, and darker skin responds differently to certain treatments and products. For example, patients with darker skin are more likely to seek treatment for hyperpigmentation, or dark spots, because their pigment cells are more reactive, making them more prone to developing blemishes in response to infections or trauma.

Vitiligo, or the loss of skin pigmentation, is also a common concern in patients with dark skin, notes WebMD. The condition results from damage to the pigment cells. Although anyone can develop vitiligo, the light patches of skin it produces are especially noticeable in patients with dark skin.