Are We Too Dependent on Technology?

Too much reliance on technology can have unexpected and somewhat negative results, according to a study conducted by the American Medical Informatics Association. People, especially those in high-pressure careers, tend to rely heavily on technology to help keep them stay organized and increase their productivity.

Some unintended consequences of overdependence on technology include unrealistic expectations about the accuracy of data and chaotic disorder during computer downtimes if backup systems aren't strongly in place. Reliance upon technology creates potential inefficiencies when workers cannot function effectively without it.

Modern technological advances, such as email, cell phones, personal digital assistants and laptops, have become so commonplace that they dominate the modern world, notes WebMD. Most people check email and other mobile devices multiple times during the day, even while on vacation, which makes them available and accessible to other people and outside influences at any given moment. At times, the reliance on technology can cause users to become compulsive about it, resulting in physical complaints such as headaches, insomnia and stress. Although technology is helpful in terms of increasing productivity, one drawback of being so electronically connected is often that people miss out on other experiences such as being fully present during conversations or other situations where focus is important.