What Does Denmark Import?

Denmark imports many different types of products, but three of its top imported goods are refined petroleum, computers and cars. Aside from these, other commonly imported goods include medical equipment and instruments, vehicle parts and packaged medications.

The highest-value imported good in Denmark is refined petroleum. Nearly 6 percent of all money spent on imports per year is spent on refined petroleum. Crude petroleum is also imported in large quantities, with around $2.7 billion spent on it each year. The two products combined account for approximately 9 percent of all money spent on imports in Denmark.

Aside from petroleum, cars are the next biggest imported good. Over $3 billion is spent on importing cars in Denmark each year. Delivery trucks are also listed in the top 20 imported products, according to The Observatory of Economic Complexity. Other examples of products that are imported in large quantities to Denmark include telephones, furniture, soybean meal, leather footwear and wine. Electrical products, such as transformers, are also a major imported good.

Around 20 percent of all Denmark's imported goods originate in Germany. Other countries that supply significant amounts of imported products to Denmark include Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, China, United Kingdom, Italy, Poland and Belgium.