What Are Some Demographics About Texas As of 2015?

What Are Some Demographics About Texas As of 2015?

As of 2015, with 70 percent of the population, the majority of people in Texas were white. This accounts for 17,701,552 people. 37 percent were Hispanic, and 11 percent were African American. 10 percent were classified as "some other race," and Asians accounted for 3 percent of the population.

There were about 200,000 more women living in Texas than men as of 2015, as there were 12,472,280 men and 12,673,281 women. Although there were more male children, there were more females in every age demographic older than 21. The median age for men is 32, while the median age for women is 34.

There were 8,922,933 occupied homes as of 2015. 6,237,148 of these households were families. 4,515,013 were families with a husband and wife, whereas 1,254,704 were led by a female without a husband and 467,431 were led by a male without a wife. 2,163,266 people lived alone in Texas.

3,472,070 households had one or more occupants under the age of 18, and 2,641,941 of homes had one or more occupants over the age of 60. 834,318 senior citizens lived alone. 514,982 households housed three or more generations.

The majority of homeowners were between the ages of 25 and 54 for both family and non-family households, but there were considerably more family households than non-family ones. The only age demographics in which homeowners came from non-family households more than family households were "15 to 24 years old" and "85 years old and older."